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Some people believe that regularly smoking the 7,000 chemicals in commercial cigarettes is the quickest way to get cancer in the world. Other folks believe that artificial sweeteners, because they taste so sweet, trick the body into ingesting them and are the “Trojan horses” of the food industry, causing breast cancer and prostate cancer faster […]

Originally posted on The Healing Fountain Blog:
Pamela Hopkins, LCSW, is a rare find and a gifted therapist, educator, healer and transformational coach. As a professional with 25 years experience, she has an innate ability to read and understand people. She helps uncover and remove negative blocks while intuitively supporting her clients as they shift…

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Vortex Mastery and Living in the 5th Dimension!.

Self Esteem – the core ingredient in healthy learning.

Dill is a common herb that is often added to many main dishes. Dill weed is a member of a unique family of herbs that uses both the seeds and the leaves as a means of seasoning. Dill seeds are similar in taste and appearance to caraway seeds. The flavor and aroma of these light […]


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