New Research for Quitting Smoking: Exit the vicious cycle of cigarettes and enter the healthy, organic way of life

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I have several hundred ex-smokers who follow my blogbecause I keep up with Natural Health News and am always assisting folks with advice so they never return to being a smoker. One of the recurring conversations is about food and supplements, two of my favorite subjects and the core subjects of my intense research for the past decade. Ex-smokers want to be sure they never return to smoking, so they go with the advice they followed when they quit, and that was build a strong nutrient base and learn about the powers of maca, mucuna, and dark organic chocolate. Investigative reporter S.D. Wells from and Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor-in-Chief of Natural News, have reported on how so many chemicals now found in the food industry are the very SAME chemicals found in cigarettes. It’s that vicious cycle people get locked into, and it doesn’t have…

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The Take Down Of America


Welcome to TIP. ABC, CBS, NBC and all the cable news channels are all bought and paid for and report what they are told to report. The MSM lies to and instigates people into political argument and gossip that leads to dead-end roads and distracts from the real issues. There is much better informational news reporting away from the Democrat and Republican tail-spinning arguments that are usually rooted in confusion and hate.. TIP is your alternative.


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