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Attention Smokers, Alcoholics and Drug Addicts – Ready to “Kick” the Nightmare to the Curb?

Originally posted on Natural News Tracker:
According to Natural News, mucuna, also known as velvet bean, is capturing the interest of thousands of smokers who have the desire and the will to quit cigarettes but can’t handle the first couple of weeks of rollercoaster-like mood swings and basic withdrawal symptoms. The L-DOPA content of the…

Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) HELP smokers quit cigarettes!

Britain’s Department of Health says electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) HELP smokers quit cigarettes and have 95% less toxins – New study reveals. The FDA of the USA won’t advocate e-cigs because they have no control over them right now and they help smokers quit cigarettes, but an agency for Britain’s Department of Health wants to help […]

Stop Smoking Drugs Make Your LIFE Worse! 14AndOut – How to Stop Smoking Naturally – Now Most Popular Method in the World

Originally posted on Natural News Tracker:
Tobacco use is the leading preventable cause of disease, disability and death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), cigarette smoking results in more than 480,000 premature deaths in the United States each year—about 1 in every 5 U.S. deaths—and an additional…


Originally posted on World Health News Update:
No growing, no selling, no exporting, no importing, no anything GMO for Russia anymore. You heard that right. Russia, the world’s largest country, has just announced a total ban on the cultivation of GMO crops. The US government and the regulatory agencies could care less that GMO weaken…

The fear of love (and the cure)

Originally posted on The Self Esteem Blog:
Many humans are afraid by the time they reach adulthood to love after they’ve been hurt once or more Many humans are afraid to love To be the first connection a conviction maybe of fortitude or attitude that conveys you care But who wants to convey what they…

Step outside the Nicotine Prison, folks, it takes 60 minutes!

Originally posted on World Health News Update:
Cigarette addiction is powerful, but SO ARE YOU! Quit today the natural way … an inside look via Natural Health News. Cigarette addiction is powerful. The lethal toxins found in cigarettes include pesticide, ammonia and a laundry list of other elements that most people are unaware of, thus, overcoming…

New Research for Quitting Smoking: Exit the vicious cycle of cigarettes and enter the healthy, organic way of life

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I have several hundred ex-smokers who follow my blog because I keep up with Natural Health News and am always assisting folks with advice so they never return to being a smoker. One of the recurring conversations is about food and supplements,…