This is the day you begin quitting your worst habit – cigarettes! 14AndOut is natural

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Since 1996, I have been researching chemicals in foods, drinks, candy, gum, lotions, cosmetics and yes, cigarettes, and I know what brings you down and keeps you addicted to “relief” toxins. It’s a vicious cycle which is very hard to escape from, and I’ve been there. I know you too can escape. I am here to walk you through it and make sure you have the right pathway to freedom. Trust me, I listen to my students, my clients, my fans, and my mentors, who catapult my passion and energy to new levels every day, and I have synthesized everything into tools that fuel success! There is a way out and you don’t have to “brainwash yourself” to get there. This book gives you the knowledge, the tools, and the secrets of quitting no one has ever known about before.

Begin by asking yourself, “why can’t I quit.” Go ahead, say it out loud once. I’ll wait … “Why can’t I quit” … Okay. Good! Now, YOU ARE NOT going to like the answer, but you ARE going to love the solution. That’s the difference between this method of cessation and all the others, you face yourself and you face reality. I did the research for you, so when you quit this time, you will know why you couldn’t quit last time you tried, or thought about trying, and that’s all the difference in the world. See, when someone chooses not to do something, if they DON’T know the reasoning behind their choice, then the next time it rears up, they most likely will not make an educated decision, and that’s how people repeat the same behaviors and mistakes, over and over, and over again.

You see it happen with relationships, with food, with accomplishing goals, and with perservering in the face of adversity. What’s your main reason or reasons for smoking, and why haven’t you quit yet?

How many of these look familiar?
It’s a break from work.
It’s gets you out in the fresh air.
Your life is too stressful to quit right now.
Your friends do it.
Your co-workers do it.
Your parents smoke, or your significant other got you started.
You are actually going through a breathing routine and a hand to mouth ritual that helps you relax.

The menthol ones help your chest and throat feel better.
It’s how you wake up in the morning (and stop coughing).
You need something to do.
It’s a hand to mouth thing, kind of like a snack.
You like the ritual of it all.
It’s legal!
You actually like it.
It looks cool.
It reduces stress!
You like sharing them.
It’s just the perfect thing after a meal.

It’s just a “social” thing.
You only smoke at bars.
You only bum cigs so it doesn’t cost you anything.
You just don’t feel like quitting.
You can’t quit.
You’re gonna quit soon, just not now.
You’re quitting to help out the people around you.
You can’t deal with the stress of life without cigarettes.
You quit and you’re celebrating with this last one! (this one’s a joke).
You have no idea why.

Wait, I know what it is … you never knew how to quit!

Guess what … you’re about to figure it out.

Gather up your problems, your enemies, and your fears, and flush them down the toilet. We’re going down to the basement of basics, to break everything down to its simplest form, so you can end the habit and get back to your healthy, happy life. When it’s 3 a.m. and nobody is awake but you, and you’re looking in the mirror, wondering how everything came to this, you can smile, and realize, this is the first day of the rest of your phenomenal life without cigarettes!

Now, watch the preview by the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, and you will understand why 14AndOut is the program that will have you smoke free for life, within 14 days. Start your life again NOW!


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