The 14AndOut stop smoking program is now available on Kindle!

cut cigs

You can get the book, which is based on the class I teach and the instructional video, and it’s only 100 pages and you can begin quitting smoking the second you’re done reading!
Check it out here. You get a free preview of the beginning!

Where there is a will, there is a way:

14AndOut is my revolutionary invention which helps smokers quit the habit naturally in 14 days or less. Since it’s creation about two years ago, tons of positivity has poured in and out, from emails to compliments to people enjoying their freedom from nicotine. I am so happy for everyone who purchased the program, including the video, which sold over 600 copies for 2012. That’s 600 people avoiding cancer and tuning into their natural, spiritual life that cigarettes were trying to rob them of. They are free to feel good without guilt and without the weight of all of those chemicals.

Every summer I attend the David Wolfe seminar in Baltimore to learn more about everything from Superfoods to natural remedies to more tools for smokers who want to quit the habit. David is a world leader in natural advice about foods, herbs, tinctures, indigenous medicines, and natural healing which grows by Mother Nature across the planet. He walks the walk when it comes to nutrition too. He lives in Canada but tours the U.S. frequently and has 2 to 3 day seminars where the audience doesn’t even get up to use the restroom until David takes a break. It’s amazing. Some of the nutrition recommended in 14AndOut comes directly from his “blueprint plan” for success.

David Wolfe has also read my book “Don’t Eat Cancer” and complimented my style of writing. I am blessed to know people like David. Here’s the link to my book if you want to check it out too:

Also, Mike Adams, the Health Ranger is one of my favorite people on this planet. Mike is the Editor of Natural and he writes articles EVERY DAY about organic living and how the politics around us try to affect natural living. He is a master of explaining what most people are in the dark about, including current events and even legislation in Congress which directly affects organic food, drinks, and natural remedies. I believe Mike Adam’s natural news store is one of the most efficient, affordable, and reliable sources for Superfood, storing organic food, and survival needs:

Mike Adams is relentless when it comes to publishing the truth about cigarettes too. Every month on you will find about 5 to 10 great articles about natural ways to end the habit that 43,000,000 Americans a stuck in, and that’s nicotine addiction. Some people like to go to hypnotists and acupuncturists, and some people just buy 14AndOut at and get a thorough review of chemicals, behavior modification, and the “yellow brick road” of nutrition. Mike Adams has done interviews with me on the logic and theories behind the program, and how its unique, addressing parts of the smoking habit no other program ever speaks about. The preview trailer for 14AndOut also features Mike Adams. You can watch it here:

Blog about 14AndOut and the Stop Smoking King: Kindle version of book here now:

Testimonials pour in and I post them to the main website. Here are the blog sites and the main page. Please comment and send kind words about 14AndOut.

Get ready for a phenomenal life as a non-smoker:
14AndOut main web page:
14AndOut supporting blog sites:
Freedom 4U Starts Now!
The Stop Smoking King!
Quit Smoking in 14 Days!

Link to my “14AndOut” stop smoking program sales page: (over 70,000 views)

My appearance on the local television (NBC) talk show (Jan; 2012);
The Hampton Roads Show:

Link to my Skype video discussing 14AndOut with Mike Adams of Natural News:

Where there is a will, there is a way.

Click any of the following organic links to learn more about YOUR health and natural news:

Thank you Mike Adams, the Health Ranger and Editor of Natural for all of your support! Knowledge is POWER:

Dear friends who used to smoke or are about to quit:

Here are great articles so you will never, ever go back to smoking!


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