14AndOut: The Most Comprehensive Stop Smoking Program Ever:

cut cigs
5 Steps to Freedom:

Part I: Face Yourself: Deal with the facts of your habit straight on. No more lies and deception from Big Tobacco. Examine the 5 most lethal household chemicals put in cigarettes that create the “cigarette hangover” and “lock” you into the vicious cycle.

Part II: Behavioral Rituals: Address your current major patterns and rituals and replace them with productive ones so you can break out of the nicotine “orbit” and never miss the “habit” or crave nicotine again.

Part III: Learn why 14AndOut has a 95% Success Rate: 14AndOut has the best success rate of all programs available! Learn why other programs and prescription medications often fail, and how some can be even more dangerous than smoking.

Part IV: Nutrition & the Inside Track: Find out all the best super-foods, herbs and supplements your body needs to recover and thrive. Learn how to fortify your body and maintain balance from the highest regarded Nutritional Experts and Naturopathic Doctors in the world, and “follow the yellow brick road” of nutrition, so you can feel great every day of your life.

Part V: The New You: From now on, every day of your life you will be energetic, positive, and living your dream. Vitality now comes naturally. 14AndOut testimonials and resources are all provided here.

Plus, your NUTRITIONAL GUIDE and DAILY GUIDE are included in this book in Parts IV and V, respectively. The Daily Guide is your blueprint for success.










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The Take Down Of America


Welcome to TIP. ABC, CBS, NBC and all the cable news channels are all bought and paid for and report what they are told to report. The MSM lies to and instigates people into political argument and gossip that leads to dead-end roads and distracts from the real issues. There is much better informational news reporting away from the Democrat and Republican tail-spinning arguments that are usually rooted in confusion and hate.. TIP is your alternative.


illustrator Russell Jackson

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