The nic fit explained and solved

II cigs (2)

The dosage or “potency” of one commercial cigarette is actually more than 100mg of nicotine, but that potency doesn’t register on nicotine level testers because the “cancer stick” manufacturers use ammonia to turn the nicotine into a vapor, so this super-charged nicotine hits your brain in 3 seconds. Ever wonder why people have a certain “brand” they smoke and won’t accept others? I had a friend who would walk around in bars trying to “bum” a cigarette, asking just about anyone he saw smoking if they would be so kind, but most of the time, if they whipped out a brand he didn’t like, he’d say “thanks, but never mind.” He seemed so desperate when he was asking everyone, but I guess he knew certain brands wouldn’t deliver that “ultimate KICK,” and so he just wasn’t about the weak ones. Little did he know, there’s a lot more to the addiction than the nicotine-kick or the nicotine-hit, so keep reading. Realize the problem is more than just nicotine. There’s way more to the addiction you must learn in order to quit for good. So many smokers in the world have quit, only to go back to smoking within 6 months, and most within the first two weeks, or “14 days.” Why? Nicotine is only the beginning of the huge cover-up. 14AndOut exposes why cigarettes are so addicting.

You see, Big Tobacco wants you to believe that nicotine is all there is to it, so you’ll go buy the patch, or the gum, or get prescribed some expensive medication that is liable to make things worse. Again, who do you think is selling the patch, the gum and the medications with suicidal side effects? People go to electronic cigarettes to get off all the chemicals, but nicotine is still a trap, and it still screws up your health and your filtering organs. We’ll cover that later. I don’t want to say the same things over and over, but this much is vital to understanding how to quit for good, not just for a week or a month or two.

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