The Smoking and Gambling Connection: 14AndOut cures you of the habit using KNOWLEDGE!

Fixed-odds betting terminal
















Gambling robs you of your money:

Smoking robs you of every dollar AND YOUR HEALTH!

My best metaphor for the smoking addiction and how it has gotten so many people hooked is gambling. Gambling is a major addiction in this country for many people. They go to Atlantic City or Vegas and bet their whole paycheck, or worse, their life savings, trying to win big money. But why are all the Casinoes big beautiful buildings that thrive even in hard times? Because they let you have some ‘little’ winnings during the big losses, and that keeps you playing, paying, until they’ve drained everything you brought or borrowed, and sometimes even more. They take away your drive to succeed, with false hopes and big let downs. It’s a set up. It’s a scam. It’s a hook. The roulette wheel is fixed with magnets, attractors and detractors, and the cards and dice odds are  “loaded” against you, making sure over the long term, you lose badly, eventually robbing you of everything you have.

Real vs. Fake!

Each cigarette gives you just a little fix of nicotine, a little hit of confidence, or of relaxation, by helping your brain distribute a chemical that is foreign to your system, only to keep you coming back for more, until you get sick, spend thousands and thousands on chemotherapy and radiation, until you eventually die. It’s a system engineered to take your money and deliver ‘little wins’, all while you lose big time! But there is an escape! An intelligent, well-researched, honest, natural, ever-lasting one.

The Trick to Learning How to Despise Cigarettes Forever:

One of the keys to 14AndOut and all of my success getting thousands of smokers to quit and quit for good is the way that I teach people to despise what is ruining them, and stealing their potential away, puff by puff. Some people like cigarettes though. They don’t hate them. So what can be done? How can someone learn to hate something that they like right now?

You may not hate cigarettes at all. Some people aren’t even sure why they want to quit, they just do. Surveys and statistics show that over 50% of people who smoke cigarettes wish they could quit, 95% of those have no idea how. Some people can pull it off cold turkey, but most cannot. Most smokers just get the inkling to quit, some notion that they want to get in shape, or if they see someone they know really sick, like from cancer. But then they don’t have the tools handy, and it’s too difficult. They simply don’t know how. Well, this is how: Knowledge is king, and it’s something nobody can ever take away from you. You can’t lose it. You can’t lend it out and forget to get it back. It’s with you forever. 14AndOut is like a fast-track college degree on how to stop smoking. You can actually learn in 100 pages what it took me 4 years to learn. This is my purpose for being on this planet, to save people from cancer. I believe that, and I share everything I know as fast and accurately as humanly possible so you can walk away from this habit and live your fruitful life.

Why the U.S. Government NEVER TELLS smokers about natural remedies: no more lies!

Stop-smoking ads offer ZERO guidance for quitting


Do not expect real help from Western Medicine or pharmaceutical prescription medications that the television advertisements tell you to “ask if they’re right for you.” These are scams, gimmicks, and chemicals that pollute your body, which is the last thing you do when you’re quitting pollution (cigarettes)! It’s just you and your 14AndOut road map. Follow the yellow brick road!

If you were addicted to cocaine, and you were shown you some scary pictures of a drug addict lying in a ditch or gutter somewhere, diseased and starving to death, would you simply say to yourself, “that’s it, I’m done with this drug,” and be able quit, cold turkey. If you were addicted to heroin, and you were shown a series of pictures of a crazed man in a psychiatric ward, with bruises and needle tracks on his arms, being strapped down to an examining table by nurses, while screaming and throwing a fit, would you be so scared for your own life, that you would never ever try a single drug again? Could you just quit cold turkey and never go back to smoking, with no advice or guidance regarding chemical detoxification, behavior modification, or nutrition? Remember, the trick is to never go back!


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