Do you wake up coughing? Here’s the cure:

Do you wake up coughing? Here’s the cure:

Why do smokers cough so much right when they get out of bed in the morning? And how come nothing comes up? When you have a cold or congestion from allergies, sometimes you can cough up mucus and at least you can breathe or feel a little better.

A person’s breathing actually slows down during sleep to about 75%, and for a smoker, that’s when the tar moves in and settles on the Alveoli, the tiny air sacs in your lungs that contract and expand … so when we wake up, we immediately need to breathe at 100% again, and a smoker feels like their chest is being compressed, as if they’re choking just trying to get a full breath. That’s why most smokers “cave” in the morning and light up, especially the menthol addicts. I’ve seen it with my best friends. I’ve lived with it.

And now you get the most intriguing part of the program. Here is a skill you can develop and use for life: Think about this for a minute: Do you think a smoker’s breathing patterns are the same when they’re smoking as when they are just breathing during the day? Some smokers only take 3 or 4 long drags off a cigarette and it’s done, while others get 10 or 12 puffs, like it’s a ritual. Who’s getting more bang for their buck? And does it matter which brand you smoke, or how long you hold the smoke in, or how big of puffs are that you take? Yes, it absolutely does, and this is something that’s worth thinking about if you’re trying to quit!


You see, many smokers say that cigarettes give them a certain “edge” to their thinking when dealing with stressful situations. The problem is that they build up an immunity to the nicotine, so they have to smoke more often, or find stronger cigarettes to still get that feeling. Are some cigarettes stronger than others? You can bet your last wasted dollar there are! Marlboro, Camel, Winston, Menthols from different manufacturers, which brand are you about to quit? Keep reading.

How many times have you heard a smoker ask another smoker to bum a cigarette, only to decline it after finding out it’s not their brand? Cigarettes that are “manufactured” and “treated” differently in the factory can alter the potency of the nicotine fix and most importantly – how fast it’s delivered to the heart and the brain. This is part of the knowledge and power I teach you, which arms you for quitting, and arms you for staying away from cigarettes for good.

Biggest question of them all: Is the smoking addiction more mental or physical?

It’s both, but the mental part usually strikes first. See, don’t fool yourself for a second that it’s only mental or only physical. From hundreds of testimonials from the people I have cured of smoking, smokers go back when one or two majorly stressful events occur in their lives, and they say to themselves, ‘screw it … I need a cigarette.’ After that one cigarette, they’re dragged back in by the physical part, like an undertow drags you into the ocean, and it’s right back to a pack a day.

Quick example: Let’s say you just quit smoking a couple weeks ago, and you go out to your mailbox and you open your power bill, which happens to be double or triple the usual, say $300. And let’s say you have about $150 in your account because it’s been a hard month, and you start stressing out about how do deal with it. This is the straw that breaks the camel’s back, and you go and light up a cigarette. Now, while you smoke, you take some long drags on that cigarette, and you think, ‘what can I do, what can I do?’ Then after some deep thinking and stressing, it hits you – wait a second! You say to yourself – if you call the power company and work out arrangements to pay the bill in three payments spread out over the next few months, you’ll be okay! You snuff out the cigarette, go back inside, make the phone call, and bam!- problem solved. Question: Did the nicotine solve your problem? Couldn’t you have taken ten long, slow breaths of fresh air and calmed your nerves just the same? Yes, you could have. But the mental ritual of smoking has you convinced that it’s curing your issues.

I get emails all the time from 14AndOut healed “ex-smokers” saying how my recommended breathing rituals save them from going back, from caving during the first six months. You can now embrace the behavior of breathing and release the bad behavior of inhaling toxins. Get ready now, I have a metaphor for smoking you’ll never forget …

Gambling may be fixed to rob you of every dollar, but smoking is fixed to rob you of every dollar AND your health!

My best metaphor for the smoking addiction and how it has got so many people hooked is gambling. Gambling is a major addiction in this country for many people. They go to Atlantic City or Vegas and bet their whole paycheck, or worse, their life’s savings, trying to win big money. But why are all the Casinoes big beautiful buildings that thrive even in hard times? Because they let you have some ‘little’ winnings during the big losses, and that keeps you playing, paying, until they’ve drained everything you brought or borrowed, and sometimes even more. They take away your drive to succeed, with false hopes and big let downs. It’s a set up. It’s a scam. It’s a hook.

The roulette wheel is fixed with magnets, attractors and detractors, and the cards and dice odds are  “loaded” against you, making sure over the long term, you lose bad, eventually robbing you of everything you have.

This is exactly what cigarettes do to you!

Each cigarette gives you just a little fix of nicotine, a little hit of confidence, or of relaxation, by helping your brain distribute a chemical that is foreign to your system, only to keep you coming back for more, until you get sick, spend thousands and thousands on chemotherapy and radiation, until you eventually die. It’s a system engineered to take your money and deliver ‘little wins’, all while you lose big time!

But there is an escape! An intelligent, well-researched, honest, natural, ever-lasting one. Keep reading.


14AndOut is the 60 minute video that teaches you exactly this:

Check out the preview/trailer for free right now! Just go to the blogroll on the right hand side of this website and click on preview! That’s it. You can start your new life without the pain of cigarettes and love your new great health, because 14AndOut comes with a nutritional guide!


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