The new you!

The secret to never smoking again is to prepare your heart and soul for success, not failure. So many people are actually more afraid of succeeding than they are of failing. See, success brings the weight of responsibility with it, and failure does not. But the “weight of responsibility” is all mental, because once you engage yourself in wonderful habits which give you energy and momentum you can just put your life in cruise control and enjoy the ride. You will look back after this experience, a long time from now, and you will laugh, and say to yourself, “I’m so glad I quit when I did!”

A Blessing in Disguise

Some blessings come in disguise, and this is one of them. Besides 14AndOut being a book which helps you quit smoking for good, 14AndOut is a way of life you will always use as a strategy for overcoming adversity and staying positive. My grandfather smoked himself to death when I was a little boy, and I feel that his soul has come back to visit me and help every smoker live smoke free for the rest of their lives, so they won’t suffer like he did, especially his last two years.

Sol Gross was a good man, who served in the Army and was a semi-pro golfer. He sold hats to stores along the Eastern seaboard that he bought in New   York, and he was a great father for my mother. If he were here today to see how many people I have saved from cigarettes by the natural method, he would cry in joy and hug me.

Imagine this:

You’ve quit smoking, and you’re spending $150 less per month. Your clothes don’t smell like smoke, your breath is fresh and you’ve been working out and feel great. Then stress comes. Some situation arises and some friend standing next to you lights up a cigarette …


And so you stare at it for a second, and then you laugh a little to yourself and then smiling at your friend, you put up your first two fingers, and pretend to take a drag. Then you take a deep breath and grab a water bottle, knowing you’re a non-smoker who is never going back.


 It’s all mental from there.


14AndOut is the All Natural Method

The Final Chapter

“Do it Now”

Remember at the beginning of the book when I asked you to say aloud “Why can’t I quit?” Now you know why! In fact, most 14AndOut ex-smokers realized there were several reasons they couldn’t quit, and they realized it wasn’t really their fault they got dragged into smoking a pack a day or more. It’s like an undertow in the ocean, if you don’t learn to swim WITH the current, you can’t learn how to escape the current. My plan has taught you how to swim WITH the current, using organic cigarettes for the last 14 days, and supplementing everything you do with something organic, natural and positive.

This is the key. The 14 step, 14 day blueprint plan works. Did you know that I have only issued 5 refunds for my video and 3 of those refunds were because the person had technical issues downloading the video to their nook or tablet. The other 2 didn’t even try the supplements, they just panicked during the first day and were scared they wasted 39 dollars.

Hey, if it was just about the money, I would have never been motivated to teach the class for free at libraries and business meeting rooms around the country. If it was a gimmick, I would have to have a whole room full of customer service operators dealing with disgruntled clients and customers. Trust me, I invented this program and designed your ESCAPE with all of my heart, all of my mind, and all of my spirit. I hope it finds you well and you live the rest of your magnificent life cigarette free.

So do it now.


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