14AndOut secrets to quitting: Behavioral Rituals

14AndOut secrets to quitting: Behavioral Rituals

Ask anyone who smokes cigarettes why they are so addicting and they’ll probably say, “It’s the nicotine,” but delve <b>further into the hook</b>, and what is revealed is that most smokers breathe <i>quite differently while smoking</i> than they do when they’re not, aiding in relaxation by simply engaging in the same inhale – hold – exhale rhythm, sometimes 500 times a day.


This pattern for many can be considered meditation, used for reflection or forward-thinking time, and when most people attempt to quit smoking cold turkey, they don’t even think about what they’re “missing,” and the lack of that breathing pattern alone sends them right back to the well, as they light up again the first time something stressful comes their way. New research reveals breathing patterns of smokers is main part of the addiction.


If you smoke a pack a day (about 20 cigarettes) and say you take 10 – 12 drags/puffs from each cigarette, that’s about 250 times you breathe in and out in a <i>specific way</i>. If you smoke 2 packs a day, that’s about 500 times. Research surveys taken from hundreds of smokers who have kicked the habit shows that at least 50% realize, <b>after going through the motions of breathing like when they have a cigarette</b>, that THIS is the major part of the addiction. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G7OZPmlyCM)


<h1>95% of smokers need help quitting</h1> One ex-smoker teaches a program called <i>14AndOut</i> that brings to light this <b>simple but critical breathing ritual</b>, and at the same time points out how other stop smoking aids, like the nicotine patch, prescription medications, and nicotine gum fail to address the behavior modification necessary for up to 95% of smokers to be able to quit and <b>not go back within 6 months</b>. The organic <i>14AndOut program</i> weans the smoker off cigarettes in 14 days or less without the use of chemicals, by combining knowledge with behavior modification and nutrition.



The <b>Hand to mouth</b> ritual is another popular part of the addiction, but doesn’t affect the smoker’s mood as much as the breathing pattern. Yoga instructors are the first to tell you that <b>breathing is core</b> to a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Nutrition and breathing work hand in hand. Therefore, despite the fact that cigarettes are loaded with chemicals and nicotine is all jacked up, a lot more than just 10 years ago, the breathing pattern is part of the “escape” for smokers, and if a smoker just practices breathing every time they would have had a smoke, then the cessation (quitting) process becomes much more practical, realistic, and usually works out for the long term. After all, who wants to quit smoking, only to go back the first time a friend lights up your brand, or a bill shows up you can’t quite pay, or you almost get in a wreck and just need to relax! (http://archive.tobacco.org/News/98minnesota.html)


Some people smoke for the pep of it, getting a little rush from nicotine, but the 14AndOut stop smoking program comes equipped with a nutritional guide, so the breathing patterns combined with nutrients replace cravings and provide energy bursts, which is key to quitting smoking without fear of stress and anxiety.


The Breathing Ritual

Most people are familiar with “hyperventilation,” which is breathing in excess of what the body needs to eliminate carbon dioxide, but when most smokers do not have one “lit up,” for some, they’re breathing pattern is “hypoventilation,” which is the opposite of “hyperventilation, and occurs when breathing does not meet the body’s needs, sometimes less than 10 breaths per minute. This allows a build up of carbon dioxide in the blood and decreases gas exchanges inside the lungs, which is compounding problems. Plus, most tobacco is now genetically modified (GMO) by Monsanto, so it is laden with pesticides, inside and out, so the toxic volcano just builds up. (http://gmo-awareness.com/all-about-gmos/gmo-defined/)


Most people seek natural ways to quit, knowing that they’ve already bombarded their system with chemicals. Hypnotherapy and acupuncture are natural alternatives which show better statistics for cessation than the pills (Chantix and Zyban).  These methods help with certain mental, physical and emotional aspects of quitting cigarettes, but when an ex-smoker actually practices <b>the breathing ritual</b> on a regular basis, research shows their chances of staying smoke-free for good are increased greatly.


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E-Cigs (electronic cigarettes)

E-Cigs just keep you addicted to nicotine. Some people use them to quit commercial cigarettes and that’s great, but we’re here to end the habits which artificially set your moods and modes for the day!


Escape the nicotine prison; go from e-cigs to no-cigs


It’s tough to criticize electronic cigarettes because those who use them brag that they have eliminated most of the toxic chemicals found in commercial cigarettes, and that they’re saving money and have cut back on how often they smoke. Plus, about one out of every three e-cig “fans” will tell you they quit smoking entirely thanks to e-cigs, and that’s great, but what happened to the other 66%, and are things getting worse or better for them?


It is true that e-cigs have a better success rate for helping smokers quit than the nic-patch, the gum, the medications (Chantix and Zyban), and hypnotherapy – all combined (American Journal of Preventive Medicine), but the ultimate irony is that e-cigs were <i>never meant to be marketed as a quit smoking aid</i>, according to the inventor, the Ruyan Group from Hong Kong. It just goes to show how brutally toxic the 4,000-chemical-concoction in commercial cigs has become that <i>Big Tobacco</i> has engineered over the past 50 years, and how happy smokers are to have <i>some form of escape</i> from the <b>poisonous prison</b> better known as “cancer sticks.” People just want a way out, and e-cigs shine a little bit of light the end of that tunnel.


E-cigs are tough for the FDA to regulate, mainly because they sink into a loophole, since they are not actually tobacco products, but simply nicotine delivery devices. But <b>nicotine is a drug</b>, insidiously powerful and capable of causing a lethal overdose (especially for kids and teens), unlike marijuana, so where’s the logic? (http://www.drugabuse.gov/drugs-abuse/tobacco-addiction-nicotine)

14AndOut secrets to quitting: Behavioral Rituals


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