What do I get with 14AndOut program?

You will stop smoking in 14 days or less!

Instantly downloadable video.

Comes with nutritional recovery program.


Get ready to quit the habit you hate! You will stop smoking in 14 days or less with this instantly downloadable video and comprehensive nutritional program. It only takes 60 minutes to extend your life by 10 to 20 years!

When you stop smoking for good, the process is physical and emotional. There is much more to quitting than just breaking the nicotine addiction, including behavioral patterns and nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed:
The Health Ranger recommends 14AndOut! Learn how to kill the urge and you cut the habit!

Here’s what you learn in 60 minutes!

• Why 14AndOut has proven results and a high success ratio for getting smokers to stop smoking forever.
• Why 95% of smokers who quit without help go back within 6 months.
• The risks of taking pharmaceuticals like Chantix and Zyban.
• Why the pills fail so many smokers who try them.
• Know why the nicotine patch and nicotine gum are far cries from real help.
• Understand why hypnotherapy and electronic cigs are rarely the answer.
• Find out how and why the nicotine potency you’re getting is 35 times stronger than you think.
• Know exactly what the body needs to kill the cravings of nicotine.
• Whether you smoke for relaxation or confidence, this program is designed for you.
• Whether you smoke a pack a day or two packs a day, you can still quit within two weeks.
• Even if you’ve been smoking for twenty years, these strategies apply to you.
• Find out why cigarettes burn so hot, so evenly, and never go out in heavy wind, and how this heightens the addiction.
• Get the inside scoop on which household chemicals are used to manufacture a cigarette in order to keep you hooked.
• Understand why it’s the chemicals in cigarettes more than the nicotine that’s fueling the habit and the vicious cycle.
• Know how Marlboro almost put all other brands out of business and how that plays into premium brands hooking more smokers.
• Learn how to replace bad habits with good, natural, healthy ones that keep you from ever being a smoker again.
• Understand how breathing patterns changed when you became a smoker, and how you can get back to having healthy lungs and a healthy heart.
• Learn how you can wake up in the morning without coughing or needing a cigarette.
• Get knowledge of proper nutrients, antioxidants, herbs and supplements recommended by highly regarded professionals who understand the process of quitting smoking.
• Take a 20 question pretest to test your knowledge of your habit, and then hear the answers and explanations that reveal all the secrets of how to stop smoking.
• Straight talk on central nervous system deficiencies and how to feel “normal” and “relaxed or excited” without nicotine.
• Say goodbye to nervousness, anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, and a host of others symptoms of smokers who stop smoking – this course is 100% natural and organic.
• The knowledge you gain from the 14AndOut video is yours forever; nobody can steal it and you can’t lend it out and forget to get it back.
• As a non-smoker, you won’t be a burden for those around you, including the ones you love most. You will save thousands of dollars and have new energy for the extra-curricular activities you enjoy

  • “Thank you for helping me free myself from that awful habit! – Donna M: 35 year “ex” smoker!”
  • “It has been around 4 or 5 months since I quit tobacco. I never even think about it anymore. I will never EVER, EVER go back to tobacco. The toxic tobacco cancer industry has lost a customer for life, and I say that with great delight! If someone had told me 6 months ago how easy it really is to quit once you know the dopamine/nicotine connection, I would have thought they were messing with me. But it so true, your program made it unbelievably easy, and I am so thankful for your program and hope you become rich from your program, which helps people, instead of the other side side – that gets rich off people’s misery. I can’t thank you enough, keep up the great work, thanks again, Robbie”
  • “I quit 4 days after starting 14andout! Once you explained to me about my breathing habit and about ammonia and pesticide in the tobacco, I followed everything else you said to do, including the supplements and I don’t even have cravings anymore!!! Thank you, Mike G.”
  • “I kept saying to myself that its never a good time to quit, because I’m always stressed and I didn’t want to be more stressed, but 14andout gave me insight into my problem and advice on nutrition AND how to stay positive the whole time. I watched the video and did the hands on activities. that’s what got me to quit! I highly recommend this program, even if you’re stressed out. Any smokers out there, if you’re saying ‘It’s not a good time to quit, well, hey, it’s NEVER a good time to die! Check out 14andout, this guy will show you why you haven’t quit yet, and you’ll finally know how to!” Allen C., Athens, GA
  • “Thanks to 14andout, I have switched to organic tobacco and only smoke a few self-rolled cigarettes a day. I feel one hundred percent better. The genius of your course is what made me throw away my store bought ones. You were right, the chemicals just wore me down and made me crave more. You were right about the supplements too. I bought some vitamin B complex and the mucuna helped alot! Keep up the great work Sean” CJM
  • “Dear Sean, yes, I did watch your video and I did most of the hands on activities. I grew up on a farm so I was already familiar with some of the things on there such as ammonia and pesticides. I tried Mucuna extract and plan on adding L-tyrosine. I did quit with the help of the Mucuna extract and your hand’s on activities! There are several things that stood out in your program, some of the things I learned were the supplementation of vitamins and minerals along the breathing techniques and how to simulate your smoking habits by taking breaks and using your hand habits. Thanks for your response to me after my purchase of your program. It is much appreciated and doesn’t happen with any other programs.” – T.M.
  • “Hi, I’m doing great !!! Thank you. Yes I have quit smoking and feel pretty darn good about it !!!!! I did watch the whole video, but did not do the hands on activities. I had already started a nutritional program including juicing and trying to go 100% organic. The best thing about 14AndOut was the knowledge it provided me with. That in turn completely changed my mind on how I felt about smoking and gave me the power to quit. Thanks a million!” Cathy
  • “14AndOut is a breakthrough course that frees smokers from the core habits that trap them in a pattern of smoking. Far more than just a chemical cure, it’s a behavioral approach that delivers lasting results for people who want to stop smoking for life!” – Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, editor of NaturalNews.com
  • “I smoked a pack a day for twenty years, now I’ve quit for good. My business is doing better and so am I, thanks to 14andout.” – P. Gordon
  • “The 14 AndOut course offers insight into the vicious cycle smokers find themselves trapped in, and offers a lot of strategies for replacing those bad habits with good behaviors, right from the start.” – Dr. Richard A. DiCenso. Author of “Beyond Medicine, Exploring A New Way of Thinking”.
  • “This course is very informative, interesting and insightful. I have to second guess smoking now.” – D. Chaparro
  • “I’ve been waiting for someone to answer all of my questions about smoking. Thank you so much!” – R. DiFlorio
  • “Thank you for the inspiration, strategies, and momentum you create. It’s like I have a new chance at life.” – T. Purcell
  • “I always wondered why I kept going back to smoking after I would quit for awhile. This time I’m done smoking for good!” – P. Taylor
  • “I learned more in 60 minutes than I ever thought I would. It’s easy to see how much hard work and careful consideration went into this program.” – Dr. B. Rose; Naturopath/Orthomolecular Medicine
  • “Now smokers don’t have to be afraid of becoming a nervous, disgruntled wreck when they stop smoking. Great program and strategies.” – Dr. D. Roebuck
  • “God bless you for figuring this all out. You made it easy to understand and easy to follow. I’m done with cigarettes and I feel amazing.” – A. Dimitri
  • “You give smokers the best chance at quitting they could ever have. Great work!” J. Mullin

60 Minutes to Freedom 4U!


FACE YOURSELF: Gather up your problems, your enemies, and your fears, and flush them down the toilet. We’re going down to the basement of basics, to break everything down to its simplest form, so you can end the habit and get back to your healthy, happy life.

When it’s 3 a.m. and nobody is awake but you, and you’re looking in the mirror, wondering how everything came to this, you can smile, and realize, this is the first day of the rest of your phenomenal life without cigarettes!

So get ready, because you are about to learn THE SECRETS of the manufacturing process that the cigarette companies don’t want you to know about.

You’re about to learn the behaviors that have locked you into a scam. You are about to understand nutrition and exactly what your body needs to feel great and not crave another cigarette as long as you live. The information in this book comes directly from the 60 minute class and seminar, which is taught at public libraries and at health fairs and festivals all over the world. Once you learn 14AndOut, the knowledge can never be taken away. You can’t lend out the information and forget to get it back. It can’t be stolen from you. It’s yours for life.

Simply having the knowledge contained in this course is all a smoker needs to arm themselves for action. There is no need to re-invent the wheel; simply read 100 pages from cover to cover and you can escape the nicotine prison for good. Plus, people who take the class, watch the video, or read the book drastically improve the quality of their personal and professional lives! You have already begun the process of quitting. Let’s pose several questions to get you started thinking on the right path, and then we will answer all of them and guide you out of the maze.

For starters, how do you think the nicotine in a cigarette came to be 35 times as strong as it was just 25 to 30 years ago?  What in the world could cigarette manufacturers be doing behind closed doors to make cigarettes have this lethal effect? Isn’t it like alcohol, where you can look at the label and know what you’re getting? Who regulates the maximum nicotine content in a cigarette? What’s the dosage?

The dosage or “potency” of one commercial cigarette is actually more than 100mg of nicotine, but that potency doesn’t register on nicotine level testers because the “cancer stick” manufacturers use ammonia to turn the nicotine into a vapor, so it hits your brain in 3 seconds.

THE HOOK IS NOT JUST NICOTINE There’s way more to the addiction that you must learn in order to quit

Nicotine is only the beginning of the huge cover-up. 14AndOut exposes why cigarettes are so addicting, but Big tobacco wants you to believe that nicotine is all there is to it, so you’ll go buy the patch, or the gum, or get prescribed some expensive medication that is liable to make things worse. Again, who do you think is selling the patch, the gum and the medications with suicidal side effects? I don’t want to say the same things over and over, but this much is vital to understanding how to quit for good, not for a week or a month or two. Understand the Big Tobacco scam and you will break free. See, the pills, the patch, the gum, it’s all part of a scam to keep you hooked and send you back to square one.

Yes, someone you know may have used one of these methods to escape, but many of those people return to smoking later in life, and you may not even know. People are quite apt to hide the habit from everyone. There are “closet smokers” all over the world, fooling their families, their spouses, their friends, but NEVER THEMSELVES.

Well, that’s NOT where we’re going! We’re breaking it all down to truth so you can be free of the nicotine prison and not return to smoking as soon as the first stressful situation comes along. Take it from an ex-smoker, a researcher, a teacher, and investigative Journalist, and someone who has exhausted all means to bring you the World’s leading Nutritionist’s advice for recovery and life-energy.

Understand this: most cessation programs fail people because people have several different reasons why they smoke and why they can’t quit, not just one or two. It’s not just the nicotine! It’s not just because nicotine relaxes you or gives you a little “pep.” No other program in the world is unique in the way 14AndOut recognizes that this habit and its cure are personal and unique to every individual. There are mental, emotional, and physiological reasons people smoke, and there are mental, emotional, and physiological reasons people can’t quit, and that is exactly what we’re addressing now.

It’s all about supplementing with Mucuna medicinal herb after you quit. You have to replace the nicotine with something natural that drives your dopamine levels up – that ends the cravings, trust me. I have dozens of testimonials that say so.

You Can Extend Your Life! I’ve been on talk shows, on NaturalNews.com, taught classes in my hometown, and sold thousands of videos. You can do this! You can quit. I know the secrets of quitting and why all the other programs go wrong.

Most cessation programs address one and only one thing – THE NICOTINE, and they’re not even doing that right! WHO do you think is SELLING the pills, patch and gum to you? They’re all a scam to keep you hooked. I lost my grandfather to lung cancer. My 60 minute video can save you from this nightmare.

I have a Master’s Degree from the University of Georgia in Education. This is not hypnotherapy. This is not a vial of pills. This is not a box of patches. This is not a pack of gum. This course is the end of your habit! I share with you 3 years of research in a 60 minute video that will change your life forever.

14AndOut, The Cigarette Killer Sean David Cohen’s stop smoking program 14AndOut is going Viral! Are you sick of being hooked on commercial cigarettes that are loaded with poison? This is the inside scoop, the all-natural way to quit smoking and never go back!

Video & Nutrition Guide in One! $39.00

The War is On: E-cigs vs. 14AndOut! The war for good health, and I’m winning with 14AndOut. E-cigs keep you addicted to nicotine even worse. Nicotine can damage your kidneys and your liver. Don’t fall for the biggest trick of the decade. Get clean of nicotine. No more “happy pills” that leave you down and depressed 20 minutes later, needed a new one.

You can be happy all day when you quit. You’ll be taking supplements and smiling at the world all day. Just do it. I put my heart and soul into this program for you. All it takes is 60 minutes and $39 and you can end the nightmare. Your family needs you. You need you.

I have condensed 3 years of research into one 60 minute course you will never forget. Just watch the video and do the hands-on activities at home and you can quit!

14AndOut! Learn the 10 KEY strategies you need to stop smoking for good. Get “insider” knowledge from the Author/Teacher who has helped thousands of smokers stop smoking within 14 days. Do it for your family, your significant other, your kids. Today is the day you begin to breathe free again.

Get ready to quit the habit you hate! You will stop smoking in 14 days or less with this instantly downloadable video and comprehensive nutritional program. It only takes 60 minutes to extend your life by 10 to 20 years!

When you stop smoking for good, the process is physical and emotional. There is much more to quitting than just breaking the nicotine addiction, including behavioral patterns and nutritional deficiencies that must be addressed:

The Health Ranger recommends 14AndOut! Learn how to kill the urge and you cut the habit!


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