Big Tobacco gets caught using ammonia, but continues after paying off Blue Cross/Blue Shield over $5 billion

Minnesota’s lawsuit against Tobacco

Tobacco companies began adding ammonia compounds to cigarettes in the 1960’s to boost the effect of nicotine on hooking smokers, according to an expert witness in Minnesota’s lawsuit against the tobacco industry. In 1965, scientists at R.J. Reynolds were trying to find out why Winston was losing ground to Philip Morris’ Marlboro brand, and in their research discovered that Marlboro contained ammonia compounds.

In the 1970s, Reynolds started adding ammonia and “slowly but surely, everyone fell in line.” By 1990, documents showed that tobacco companies were using more than 10 million pounds of ammonia compounds each year. Researchers at Oregon Health and ScienceUniversity used a laboratory smoking device to collect and analyze smoke from 11 brands of cigarettes. The study measured the first three puffs of smoke from each cigarette.

Here’s a quote from a 1989 Brown & Williamson Tobacco Company report:

“The secret of Marlboro is Ammonia.”

“What is clear is that the modern cigarette is a highly engineered nicotine delivery device and it’s not just a matter of tobacco rolled-up in a piece of paper.” In that court case, according to highly cited chemist and researcher James Pankow, “Measurements ranged from about 1% all the way up to 35% free-base nicotine for a specialty US brand.” In his documentation, he explains how the top selling U.S. brands of cigarettes contain the most free-base nicotine. The findings actually help rate the addictiveness of different brands. He also added that “It is likely that ingredients such as ammonia and urea account for this addiction-enhancing effect.” Urea is the chief solid component of mammal urine – synthesized from ammonia and carbon dioxide and used as fertilizer, in animal feed and in plastics.

Many cigarette manufacturers will also use “blends” as their excuse for high nicotine levels, claiming that because different tobaccos are blended together, this sometimes increases the levels. This may vary the levels by up to 5%, but that doesn’t explain the volatile toxicity of 35%.


Preventable Disease

No regulations, just useless “scary warnings”


Mouth, throat and lung cancer are the most preventable cancers in the world. All cigarette ingredients and manufacture should be monitored and strictly regulated by the FDA and the CDC. The problem is that the tobacco companies earn billions and billions of dollars every year in part because of the lack of these regulations, but it allows them to pay off legislatures that could vote to enact strict rules. Tobacco companies have the money to ensure their continued success in exactly the same way they have done it for years, by playing dumb and paying off those who threaten to change the way they are required to do business.

The modern cigarette does to nicotine what crack does to cocaine,” says addiction expert Jack Henningfield, at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. The notorious addictiveness of smoking crack results from the vaporized cocaine reaching the brain almost immediately. Johns Hopkins University is one of the leaders in cancer research and treatment in the United States today. Also, Ian Jones, a nicotine expert at BathUniversity in England, adds: “Free-base nicotine is the most damaging form because it is the optimal configuration for binding to the nicotine receptors in the brain and heart.”

The fantasy called “Free Healthcare” in U.S.?

Most likely NEVER!

The average cost today for treating one cancer patient is $300,000. Wait a second! You’ve got some weeds growing in the corner of your yard and the “weeds-be-gone” guy wants to pour an entire truckload of pesticide all over the entire yard, and then fill your house with another truckload just in case the weeds get under the house and come up through the floors, but you’re saying that doesn’t make sense? How dare you doubt or challenge mainstream “yard care” and what all the “weed killer” advertisements say!

Then let’s talk about chemotherapy, the ultimate toxic (mustard gas) “medication” for your entire body, even if you just have one tiny tumor or cyst which “looks dark” on an x-ray. Your doctor and your oncologist are highly recommending you fill your bloodstream and your organs with pesticide, because there’s a couple of cancer “weeds” that popped up on the “search and destroy” mammogram or prostate exam! It’s time for the American way of treating a chemically driven disease – MORE CHEMICALS! Why not back that pesticide truck up to the hospital bed and connect the hose to your mouth. The best part is that each dose costs more than a 32-inch HD flat screen television, but that’s okay, because your Medicaid or Medicare will cover half, and there’s a prescription discount of 10% on your “RX card,” so now you get up to 60% off your own slow, painful, unnecessary death.

The Nazi’s invented Chemo – as part of “Project Paperclip”

The average cancer patient ends up spending over $300,000 on cancer drugs before they die of … yes, cancer. The “cured” statistics the CDC offers up include people who’s cancer receded, but came back after 5 years to kill them, but who knew? The Nazi scientists who were responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of Jews mercilessly during the Holocaust are the same ones who designed chemo and vaccines for America in the 1950’s and 1960’s. They became the CEO’s of huge pharmaceutical companies like Bayer, just 4 to 5 years after being released from U.S. prisons for mass murder. (

So when you choose one or more of the 3 fake cures for cancer, you’re donating your money to Nazi’s and the Americans who supported their efforts at genocide ( When you choose among radiation, invasive surgery which causes internal bleeding, and chemotherapy, you are making a choice to spread toxins throughout your entire body, when most likely your cancer cells are localized, or weak enough to destroy with nutrition, supplements, superfoods, and organic mushrooms. Who knew? The Chinese have known for centuries, in fact, for millenniums. Israeli’s know. Peruvians know. (

What is meant by “expensive urine?”

You could go on-line right now and buy a few items, totaling maybe $200 – $300 and cure cancer yourself, but the U.S. Government has suppressed such information for over 75 years. You could buy a vegetable juicer, several gallons of pure spring water, some Reishi and Chaga mushroom powder, some “vegetable greens” powder, some “red berries” powder, and go on an “alkalized” diet which would oxygenate your cells and kill the cancer. Go on, what are you waiting for? A $300,000 bill you can’t pay? Do you have an estate and saved money you would like for your children to inherit? Maybe you should protect it by protecting your cells from chemicals.

Most supplements are very safe and if you take too much, you expel the excess. It’s worth having “expensive urine” to build up your host of immunity and change your healthy cell count over to a massive immunity advantage built for living and thriving past 100 years of age, instead of hoping you can “extend” your life 3 to 5 years by dumping “truckloads” of toxins into your blood just to try to kill a few “weeds.”

Don’t support Nazi scientists and American Chronic Care Management tactics by investing your life savings in your own slow death. Instead, choose to heal your body with Nature’s holistic, healing natural remedies and live to tell the story to your children, your grandchildren, and your great grand children.

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